Environmental and quality policy

The MOLTEC s.r.o. company policy of the integrated management system


Thank to the systematic cooperation of all company employees, we have achieved and maintained quality system, environmental principles and health and safety principles of products and services provided at the level required by the customer.

The company places great emphasis on maintaining and continuously improving the integrated management system to ensure permanent conditions in achieving high quality products and services. The company is committed to complying with legislative requirements and to evaluating compliance with the law.
With the implemented integrated management system, we want to gain the trust of our existing and potential customers in our procedures used in the implementation of contracts, and thus achieve a high quality standard of all deliveries.

The company’s integrated management system is a symbol of seriousness and stability towards the customer and our employees. It ensures a systemic approach to all stakeholders and cooperating parties in the implementation of contracts and prevents the occurrence of accidental discrepancies. The company’s intention is to create a highly motivating environment.

Through its activities, the MOLTEC s.r.o company ensures the cleanliness of the environment. Hence, it places the quality of its own environment among its priorities. At the same time, we are aware that it is able to achieve the set goals only through our employees, who need secured conditions for the safe performance of their work and professional growth.


The company’s commitments:

In the field of soil, water and, air protection:

To protect soil and water from oil spills from motor vehicles and mechanisms, to minimize air pollution by emissions.

In the field of prevention and solution of emergency situations and safety measures:

implement the effective system of measures in the event of emergencies into the operational regulations

facilitate emergency interventions in the event of an accident and thus optimize customer service

constantly search for and evaluate risks and their possible impacts on the health and safety of employees, plan and implement measures to eliminate or reduce these risks

to influence and educate employees and other parties working at the company’s workplaces, so that they take care of their own safety and health

In relation to the customers and the public:

continuously identify customer’s needs in order to meet their expectations

to create an company image with a responsible approach to the customer, its employees and the environment

to inform customers and the public about its activities in the press and on the company’s website and to communicate with stakeholders

MOLTEC s.r.o commits itself to regularly review the customer’s requirements, occupational risks and their impact on the safety and health protection of employees and the environmental aspects of its activities and their impact on the environment at regular intervals.

Bc. Radim Kolek                                                    
Plant manager

Uherský Brod 07.01.2020